Call for a library to be set up in ASDA

A SOVEREIGN Harbour campaigner is calling for a community library in the area’s supermarket.

Sam Sweiry says there are nearly 10,000 people living in Sovereign Harbour and it desperately needs a ‘cultural centre’ where residents and tourists can access information and IT facilities.

Mr Sweiry has written to the chief executive of ASDA and the president of its parent company Walmart, suggesting a unit within its Eastbourne store, at the Crumbles Retail Park, should become a library.

“That unit has been empty for about three years and it would be perfect for a library,” said Mr Sweiry.

“It is bigger than the space used for the library in Langney Shopping Centre.”

Mr Sweiry has spoken to East Sussex County Council about setting up a library in Sovereign Harbour because the council would need to pay the rent and provide the facilities. However, Mr Sweiry hopes residents from the harbour will run the library once it has been set up by the council.

Mr Sweiry said, “I have been pushing for this for a while and the county council did provide a mobile library which comes to Sovereign Harbour for two hours week but that is not good enough.

“Those mobile libraries can only accommodate three people for computer training. They are more suitable for villages and Sovereign Harbour is not a village – it is much bigger than that.”

Mr Sweiry has long campaigned for better facilities for the people of Sovereign Harbour.

He said, “We needed a doctors surgery and that has been done. Now we need a library. I don’t want the glory. This is not personal, it is for the people of Sovereign Harbour.”

Mr Sweiry is hoping people will support his campaign and is asking like-minded harbour residents to email him at