CAB welcomes dental service improvements

ACCESS to NHS dental treatment has improved in Eastbourne, according to the town’s Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Some NHS patients in the UK have struggled to find dentists but a recent CAB review, which surveyed Eastbourne people in 2009 and compared the results to a study in 2007, has shown a marked improvement.

The number of local practices accepting NHS patients has doubled and many more patients have found a dentist closer to home. Waiting times for NHS appointments have improved significantly with 59 per cent waiting less than two weeks for an appointment, compared to 34 per cent in the previous study. Those with an NHS dentist are travelling a shorter distance with 94 per cent going five miles or less - 13 per cent up from 2007.

The number of clients with NHS dentists has gone up by two per cent from 2007, but more than half of those who did not have an NHS dentist said they were having difficulty finding one.

Ms Rose said, “The latest review of NHS dentistry provision in Eastbourne shows things are improving, especially in terms of the number of dentists accepting NHS patients. It is also encouraging to see clients surveyed travelling less distance for NHS treatment. Hopefully, further improvements have been made since the 2009 survey.”