Buy five presents locally to give the town festive boost

Eastbourne’s Town Team group is encouraging Christmas shoppers to plough their hard-earned cash back into the town by buying at least five Christmas presents from local indepedent shops.

The #5local campaign aims to see half-a-million local presents bought in Eastbourne this year.

Town Team spokesman Adam McNaught-Davis said, “Buy a gift from a website (apart from perhaps Urban Industry!) and the cash you spend leaves the town quicker than Rudolf on Christmas Eve.

Buying gifts from independent local shops is proven to keep more of every pound circulating locally. It’s sort of like cash-back for the town. Owners pay staff and buy from local suppliers. So more of the money you spend filters back into the pockets of your friend, family and neighbours.

“If everyone in Eastbourne of present buying age gets just five of this year’s gifts from local independent shops, the Town Team estimates upwards of half a million local presents will be under trees and in stockings at Christmas. This means millions more pounds will stay local.

“Perhaps you think there’s not much choice in Eastbourne?

“The Town Team would say you just need to know where to look. In fact, we’d say we’ll show you where to look, too.

“If you’re a Twitter user, share pictures of the gift wrapped pressies using the #5local hashtag.

“Every single gift you choose to buy locally has a positive impact on the town you live in.

“Every one you buy online consigns your hard-earned money to the pocket of a corporate somewhere else in the UK or the world.”