Busy week includes hedgehogs, swans and fundraising efforts

What an exhausting week. The phone has been ringing non-stop from early morning till well past midnight and into the early hours again.

Saturday, 21st July 2018, 8:00 am
Two baby hedgehogs from Hailsham SUS-180718-093851001

I so hope it quietens down soon.

I’ve been on call for a month now and I’m shattered, although I don’t think I was exhausted as my colleague Chris when he finished his 100k race at the weekend.

He was raising money for WRAS undertaking the Race to the Stones, which finishes at the famous stone circle at Avebury.

Walking, running, constantly moving along he completed the route in 17 hours 56 minutes and 52 seconds finishing just before 2.30am on Sunday morning.

The heat really made it really difficult to stay hydrated.

The 30 degree heat was really challenging from early morning all the way through until the evening.

Chris’s partner Laura Carrick had been meeting him at the check points along the route and was there for an emotional finish at Avebury.

However Chris’s race to the stones suddenly turned into a race to the hospital, when once back at their hotel Chris passed out in the car park, resulting in a paramedic car and ambulance attending to him.

He was given three bags of IV fluids at Basingstoke Hospital over the next 10 hours before being discharged in the afternoon.

We are all glad Chris is back after a few days’ rest.

The fundraising total stood at almost £2,500 on Tuesday with donations coming via Just Giving and facebook. Donations can still be made at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/christopher-wras1 or https://www.facebook.com/donate/1881241128835299/.

I feel so humble that my best mate would put himself through such endurance and exhaustion for a charity I started and believe so much in.

I am so proud of him and Laura for supporting him and keeping us updated throughout the day.

What an amazing achievement.

A big thank you to Sara who has also been raising money who undertook a bungee jump for WRAS at Eastbourne Extreme Festival at the weekend too.

We have had very young two baby hedgehogs rescued after being picked up by a dog in Ingrams Way ,Hailsham.

They are both slightly injured but the wounds don’t appear to be seriously.

They are now both being hand reared by their new foster mum and WRAS volunteer Nicola Upton at Polegate.

I rushed to Eastbourne Road, Uckfield, on Friday morning after receiving numerous calls about a family of swans trying to cross the road.

I was quickly able to catch dad and the two cygnets who were wandering through the undergrowth close to the road.

Mum, who had been trapped behind some stock fencing, had now made her way down to the river.

I called Kathy and asked her to join me to help catch mum.

She used one of the cygnets to attract mum out of the river allowing me to catch the mum.

It was clear the swans wanted to get across to a large lake on the opposite side of the road, but there was no easy access.

We drove up the road and managed to get hold of someone at Highcross Estate who allowed us access to the site and to drive the swans back to their lake.

They were really pleased to be released again.

The back of my ambulance didn’t smell too pleasant afterwards those especially in the heat!

You can see a video of the rescue on our You Tube Channel.

East Dean and Friston Hedgehog Street has arranged for me to undertake a Hedgehog Awareness talk on Monday July 23 at East Dean and Friston Village Hall at 7.30pm.

If you would like to attend, please contact Cathy on 01323422029.

Suggested minimum donation of £5.

I had an early morning call out to a hedgehog found down a fence post hole in Valley Drive, Seaford.

There were two in the same hole the day before apparently.

One managed to climb out leaving the other behind.

Due to an injury to one of the toes the poor chap has been admitted into WRAS’s care.