Businessman recalls horrific catering trailer explosion

A businessman has recalled the horrific moment a catering trailer exploded near his factory in Polegate following a gas leak.

Kev Delves, owner of KD Catering Butchers in Bay Tree Lane, said it was fortunate no-one was nearby when debris was sent flying.

He had arrived at work at 5.15am last Thursday (August 29) morning and half an hour later was disturbed by a massive explosion as debris from a nearby trailer caused some of the windows of his business to blow out and also caused damage to a van.

The 51-year-old said, “It was the noise of it, I wondered what was happening. I looked out and thought our building was on fire but it was a reflection from outside.

“There was two little fires going and I went to put them out but then saw three gas canisters nearby.”

Mr Delves, who said one of the canisters was leaking gas, contacted the fire brigade and crews from Eastbourne and Hailsham arrived at the scene.

The trailer is parked in the area overnight and is then taken on the A22 for business later in the day.

Mr Delves had to break the news to the owners, he added, “It was quite an explosion.

“It’s lucky no-one was in the trailer at the time or nearby.”

• To watch CCTV footage of the explosion visit: