Trading Standards Information and Advice: “You’ve Been Scammed”

As previously shown in July’s edition of TS Connect Fair trading Officer Tom Cook has appeared on BBC1’s “You’ve Been Scammed” discussing the unique case that East Sussex County Council Trading Standards took to court.

The programme featured a Trading Standards case, where the Enterprise Act was used by East Sussex County Council to stop a mailer of misleading prize draw letters where the business was not based in their area but was causing concern nationally.

The company, based in Wokingham, had sent out 136,000 misleading letters implying the recipient had won £625,000, in fact they were simply selling a cheap watch. Around 700 complaints were made to Consumer Direct.

The company went into liquidation owing £280,000 shortly after Court proceedings were issued so we took Court action against the marketing manager behind the letters, to obtain the injunction to stop him personally from continuing his involvement with similar businesses.