Trading Standards Information and Advice: Fake Jacobs Creek wine seized in off-licences

Fake bottles of best-selling Australian wine Jacobs Creek have been seized by Trading Standards officers in East Sussex.

Brand owner Pernod Ricard UK launched an investigation after complaints from customers about the quality of wine masquerading as Jacob’s Creek.

The Fake bottles of Jacobs Creek are of very low quality and substandard taste. While tests indicate the content is not harmful, anyone with doubts concerning its authenticity is advised not to consume it.

The fake £10 wine is believed to be from China and is being sold to independent off-licences and shops for as little as £2.

The bottles appear identical to the real thing, apart from a tell-tale misspelling on the label on the back, where Australia is spelt Austrlia.

Anyone concerned about wine that they suspect to be fake should contact Trading Standards on 0345 60 80 197 with the details of the shop where it was bought.

For more information on counterfeits and what Trading Standards do visit