Trading Standards Information and Advice: Dangerous cigarette lighters

You may be aware that wholesalers are supplying Jumbo Lighters for retail sale.

These are often more than 16cm (six inches) in height and look like a larger disposable lighter. Several of these lighters have been tested by Trading Standards.

The Hailu Lighter failed testing against the current lighter standard. In addition it was found that it would fail to extinguish and would remain burning below its wind shield. That can result in the main container melting and releasing gas (in some cases fireballs). We advise you not to buy these lighters; any stocks found on display and for sale will be liable to seizure.

If you have any of these lighters you must not sell them.

Transport of Giant or Jumbo Lighters:

Please note that The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road forbids the transport of lighters containing more than 10 grams of fuel, these lighters cannot therefore be transported. For further information contact the Dangerous Goods Division of the Department for Transport on 020 7944 2755 or email

If you are offered these lighters or are aware of any suppliers please contact Trading Standards on 0345 60 80 197.