Trading Standards Information and Advice: BBC1 ‘Matt Allwright Investigates’

Trading Standards officer Tom Cook is due to appear in a series about scams that will air on BBC1 later in the year. The series ‘Matt Allwright Investigates’ will cover stories of investigations into scams.

The East Sussex case that will be covered is an investigation that took place in 2009 after 700 people complained of a misleading mailing from the company UK Incentives and Promotions. The man behind the company Julian Mills was found to be wrongfully telling people that they could pick up a £500,000 prize for a £20 fee. The BBC have picked up on this case as it is one of few mass marketing/scam mail cases that have made it to court with a successful outcome, directing the person involved to desist from such activities.

Julian Mills was issued a 12 month undertaking to cease his practice and warned that he will face jail if he was to send out any further misleading mailings. Mr Mills is not believed to have flouted that order. UK Incentives and Promotions went bust at the beginning of 2009.

If you believe that you have been the victim of a scam contact Trading Standards on 0345 60 80 197.