Trading Standards Information and Advice: Avoid cold calling energy companies

Trading Standards regularly receive calls to their Rapid Action Team to report energy companies’ cold calling across the County.

There’s nothing more frustrating than people knocking on your door when you don’t want to be sold things and unfortunately many of us experience regular door step calls from energy companies offering to save us money.

Trading Standards advise consumers to remember that firstly they do not have to let cold callers in but also that in May 2010, after pressure from Trading Standards and Consumer Focus the big six energy companies would not knock on doors with ‘no cold caller’ signs.

On 1 Oct this officially became part of the EnergySure Code of Practice, though the policy was already active, with this new term:

7.4.3 (b) not call on any premises where there is a message prominently displayed in the form of a visible, clearly worded and unambiguous notice indicating that a consumer does not wish to receive uninvited doorstep sales callers.

Therefore if the cold caller persists, note down their name and employee number and report them to the company and Consumer Direct.

You can print a ‘no cold caller’ sign and find out more about your rights by visiting;

If you experience a cold caller that refuses to leave when asked to you can contact the Trading Standards Rapid Action Team on 01323 463430.

You can also contact Trading Standards for further information and advice on how to protect yourself from door step callers.