The essential elements of a successful mobile website

Graham Buchanan
Graham Buchanan

THE mobile web is exploding; The Gartner Group predicts that by 2013 the number one way people will access the internet will be through their mobile device.

With generous 3G allowances and increasing WIFI locations, mobile users can enjoy almost constant connectivity.

Whether it’s used for entertainment, social media, email, local business searches or as a shopping companion, the mobile web is a game changer.

For businesses wishing to attract and engage with new customers online, the message is clear; a mobile website is no longer optional.

The following five essential elements of a successful mobile website will help you get the mobile web working for you straight away.

1 Design to Fit All Devices

Screen sizes across mobile devices can vary considerably. Your design needs to be compatible with all dimensions. A mobile website that is designed specifically with the iPhone in mind for example, runs the risk of alienating around 70% of mobile users.

2 Keep the Design Simple

Your mobile website should be a stripped back version of your main website. Mobile users want a fast, simple and user-friendly way to get to the information they are looking for.

3 Make Navigation Easy

Your mobile website navigation menu is another key design element. The links to navigate the site need to sit comfortably with other content, without cluttering the design or making it too difficult to click using a thumb.

4 Click-To-Phone Option

Mobile devices are also phones; so make it as straight forward as possible for visitors to get in touch by providing a clear one click ‘call us’ button on every page.

5 Make It Easy To Connect

Providing alternatives for connecting with you from your mobile website is a great way to acquire new email and blog subscribers, as well as social media ‘fans’.

Graham Buchanan, managing director WSI Internet Consulting