The Business Coach with Laura Murphy ‘Too much talking’

Laura Murphy ENGSUS00120140402123354
Laura Murphy ENGSUS00120140402123354

Question: “We have a chatterbox in the workplace that’s driving everyone mad. Help!” Andrew

Answer: “Is this a sign of nerves, a desperate attempt to make friends, or a distraction from poor performance? Is it normal chatter and your colleagues are being curmudgeonly? Either way it needs managing.

If it’s truly excessive take them to one side. Explain that their current behaviour is having a negative impact on colleagues. To help them settle in, you want to understand why they feel the need to be so talkative. Be sensitive and patient as you may not get the true answer first time around. Once you know the reason(s) you can find ways to help and thus reduce interruptions.

If it’s not excessive discuss with the team as to why it’s a distraction for them. They’ll soon increase their capacity to concentrate with increased noise. In the meantime get agreement as to how individuals can signal when they need ‘quiet time’ and then monitor the situation.”

Laura Murphy is an organisational development specialist, accredited Growth Accelerator and Executive Coach. email or tweet @WayfinderWoman Names and details have been changed.