The Business Coach with Laura Murphy: “New Year blues...”

Question: “2011 was a seriously difficult year for the company and I’m doubting whether we’re actually doing the right things. What should I do?” Malcolm

Answer: “A change of year often brings about soul searching. Some call it post-holiday blues, and still carry on doing the same old thing. I prefer to call it New Year opportunity so let’s start by congratulating yourself for getting to 2012.

It’s good that you’re now questioning what you’re doing as that means you’re open to evaluation and alive to the possibility of doing things differently. That willingness to be open to alternatives automatically gives you more choice and thus increased opportunity.

The first trick is to step away from any personal disappointments for 2011 by looking at last year’s results as feedback rather than set-back. That way you can rationally analyse what worked well, or not, and why. Make it a company-wide analysis and involve others for deeper insights. Use that analysis as the basis for any decisions about changes in strategic direction and subsequent action plans to build the business in 2012.

Now let’s get back to you. Done well, the action plans should re-energise and re-motivate you. Bolster that by going back to the time when you first decided to go into business and remember the passion you had then. Bringing that excitement and enthusiasm of new beginnings into your new year will soon galvanise you and your business.”


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