The Business Coach with Laura Murphy - job share games...

Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001

Q. We job-share and the team is playing one of us off against the other. Ideas? Samantha

A. It’s time to turn the game around and set your own rules. Your own roles and responsibilities are clearly agreed between you so now agree what you expect of the team in terms of their roles, targets, projects, leave etc and how you will respond to requests in each other’s absence.

Have they already spoken to your colleague? Judge from their response whether they’re trying to pull a fast one. If it’s a genuine request assess whether it can wait until your colleague’s return. Wherever possible, let them wait. If it can’t then knowing your colleague’s likely response if they had been around, will enable you to give an answer more attuned to your colleague than before. You’ll reduce the friction between you, the team will know they cannot play the game anymore and start acting like adults.

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