The Business Coach with Laura Murphy: “I can’t sell”

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Question: “I’ve been promoted to a position which involves selling and I’m awful at it. I get all tongue tied and my brain freezes. What can I do?” Mark

Answer: Mark, this is a problem I come across a lot and even the most outwardly confident people can pale at the thought of having to sell. What most people don’t realise is that they are selling every day already!

Think about it. When did you last persuade someone that going to see film A was better than film B. Or that your version of curry was tastier than the supermarket’s. Or that your mate should try a different beer. You’re selling the benefits of the alternative. And that’s the key. You’re selling ideas and benefits not you.

So let’s look at the practicalities. All the time you tell yourself you’re awful at it then you will continue to be so. Reframe this as you’re good at giving people information, you do this all the time. The information you give in this instance will be sufficient that they will want to buy into the idea or the benefits.

Next gather the information you need. Immerse yourself in the product/ service so that you can be passionate about it. The enthusiasm will allow you to become fluent and your brain will be alive to the mountain of possibilities this product/ service can offer the buyer.

There are various techniques that can be used to counter objections and to close the deal which you can learn if you don’t know them already. The important thing to remember is that your mindset will determine how successful you are. Believe you can do this and you will.


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