Tenner event worth more than a few quid

INDEPENDENT shop owners in Eastbourne were given a welcome boost at the weekend by a Take A Tenner event.

More than 50 people headed to the Little Chelsea area on Saturday, each armed with a crisp £10 note to spend in the local shops, cafes and restaurants.

And, according to organisers, the event went down brilliantly with retailers – with more than £500 going through the tills of stores in and around Grove Road.

An online campaign began earlier this month aimed at encouraging Eastbourne shoppers to head to different parts of the town and spend their money in stores they would usually visit.

The idea was simple. By getting as many people as possible to head to a certain shopping district it would not only give retailers a boost but also introduce shoppers to new stores, which in turn would hopefully lead to them returning at a later date. Among those who took part was Eastbourne’s MP Stephen Lloyd and dozens more people who met at Eastbourne Library before heading en masse round Little Chelsea.

One of the people who went along was Stuart Lambert. He told the Gazette, “I liked the prompt to check out shops I normally walk straight by every day. It was great.”

Organisers said they had received “plenty of positive feedback from retailers,” and that they hoped similar events would take off across the town.

They added, “Cash mobs are all the rage in the USA with lots of people turn up willing to spend a small amount of money. Independent shops get a much needed boost in trade, you get to see shops you may not have seen before and also meet plenty of like minded people who love Eastbourne.”

Take A Tenner events are one of the schemes being backed by the team behind Eastbourne’s bid to become a Mary Portas pilot town – a title which would see the town benefit from a £100,000 influx of cash.

The Herald dispatched one of its reporters with £10 to see what they could come back with.

This is their shopping list:

l Cornish pasty: £1.55p from Cavendish Bakery.

l Greetings card of Eastbourne bandstand: 99p from Grove Road Cards.

l Orange, lemon and lime presse: 99p from Sunny Foods.

l Room with a View Penguin classic paperback: 50p from Samaritans.

l Porker sausage roll, chips and beans: £5 from The Eagle.

l Eastbourne Herald: 65p from Garners newsagent.