Staff changes as business expanding

W. Bruford, jewellers, Cornfield Road, Eastbourne. July 29th 2013
W. Bruford, jewellers, Cornfield Road, Eastbourne. July 29th 2013

W Bruford Ltd is pleased to announce changes to their staffing as a result of an expanding business and a heavier focus on the company’s e-commerce efforts.

The jewellers have been trading in Eastbourne for more than 125 years however the traditional retail business has adapted in the last 12 months to online selling and marketing in order to reach customers outside of the local area.

Karen Wilton, who previously handled marketing and advertising, has been appointed a new role in HR, a development which reflects the expansion of the company, emphasising the need for somebody to handle staff training, development, pay and legal matters.

Natasha Henson was taken on in September 2013 when W Bruford Ltd highlighted the need for someone to look after the business’s social media and digital marketing.

Natasha’s role has now developed to include all marketing, advertising, events and PR for W Bruford and Inspired by Brufords.

With e-commerce becoming a much bigger part of W Bruford Ltd, Caitlin Rowson has taken on the role of website manager, with David Tebbutt handling e-commerce and business development to ensure W Bruford Ltd is leading the way in store and online at and

Managing director Ashley Pugh said, “It’s great for our customers to be able to reach us in store and online, wherever it is convenient and interact with us on social media.”