Report highlights role of colleges in helping jobless

A REPORT on the role of colleges in helping unemployed people back into work was launched by this week by the MP for Eastbourne.

Stephen Lloyd chaired a committee on further education and helped release the paper published by the Association of College (AoC), which looks at the barriers faced by the long-term jobless in getting training to make themselves more employable.

The AoC surveyed its member colleges, which include Sussex Downs College in Eastbourne, to find out how they are helping unemployed people gain the skills essential to finding work.

And talking at the launch, Mr Lloyd said, “This report offers valuable insight into the sterling work that colleges, including Sussex Downs College, are doing to help people find jobs.

“It is important in these particularly challenging times that many colleges report a strong relationship with Jobcentre Plus, and are running courses that adapt and respond well to local employers.

“I know this is the case in Eastbourne, who have an excellent relationship with the local employment agencies. However the report also identifies areas where the system can be streamlined and improved to remove barriers to training in order to ensure people are given good access to the skills they need to find employment.

“My commitment to helping get jobs is absolute and I am determined to keep pushing this in Parliament.”