Q & A with Ian Mantel

A female fitness instructor demonstrates an abductor squeeze - start
A female fitness instructor demonstrates an abductor squeeze - start

I have recently qualified as a practitioner of Hyperton-X Kinesiology. I understand that I may need extra cover in addition to public liability. Can you assist? Ms J B, Bexhill

Thank you for writing in. You are correct, all therapists or instructors should hold cover for malpractice as well as public liability. Let me explain.

Public liability protects you against claims arising from general negligence whilst you carry out your duties. Let us say you ask your client to “pop up on the table” and it isn’t stable causing them to fall – that is a public liability claim.

However if a client suggested you treated them badly and the matter got worse then that is malpractice – it is the failure to carry out your duty for which you are an expert correctly.

The same applies to instructors. If a client of a Pilates instructor claims they suffer as a result of the exercises they take they too may feel inclined to claim and again this is malpractice, not public liability.

Many instructors work from home or have no fixed business premises. Many have very limited business effects. As such often the only cover they need is public liability and malpractice.

Manor Insurance Services offers a policy designed specifically for sole practitioners, therapists and instructors which offers this essential cover in an easy and affordable manner. If you know what you need you can visit our dedicated page https://manor.quoteandbuy.net/?action=pageone&combo_id=121 we provide up to £5,000,000 cover from acupressure to zumba with premiums starting from less than £30 a year.

The page has been designed for ease of use and can cater for those people qualified in more than one therapy.

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