Make sure there’s substance behind you

Michael Ogilvie SUS-150410-070424001
Michael Ogilvie SUS-150410-070424001
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There’s no point in marketing sizzle if there’s no substance behind it, says business advisor and accountant Michael Ogilvie.

All too often, companies focus on the marketing sizzle and plough their money into their logo, branding, adverts, website, Facebook page, email marketing, exhibitions and even their PR. But if they don’t live up to the sizzle then it won’t make any difference at all.

Michael, a director with OBC The Accountants based in Eastbourne, explained: “An easy way to think about it is that when you hear the sizzle of a sausage on a barbecue your mouth will water and you’ll look forward to the taste. If it’s nice, you’ll go back for seconds and you’ll recommend them to others too.

“But if they don’t taste as good as they smelt, then you won’t go back for more and you won’t recommend them. You might even suggest people give them a miss. It follows that whatever your product or service is, it must live up to what you are promising.”

Michael gives four helpful tips to make sure your business has the substance behind its marketing messages:

Seek insight – ask your customers and other stakeholders; get close to your customers’ experience and look back at what you made you succeed in the early years

Generate ideas –from these insights, generate a variety of ideas that will help you make your core offer more relevant and more distinctive

Explore possibilities – when you have a stronger core offer ideas, it’s time to explore how you can use them. Make time to test your ideas to see if they work with customers

Take action – now you have a strong, relevant and distinctive core offer, it’s time to roll it out but make sure your offer is consistent across your business.

Anyone who would like to gain a toolkit to help them ensure there is substance behind their marketing, should contact Michael on 01323 720555 or email