Lunchtime talks help students prepare for careers

Dr Nathan Hall
Dr Nathan Hall

PARK College has been providing its students with a series of Moving on Careers and HE seminars.

The lunchtime talks have been aimed at first year level 3 year students to help them with their progression choices and options after college.

Tutor Sam White said, “These talks are a fundamental aspect of our information and guidance provision for level 3 students. We feel it is a priority for students to have up to date information and guidance from experts in the fields they are interested in pursuing.

“We have run the talks for more than 12 years and some speakers have been returning each year to speak to our students. Some of the speakers are in fact former Park students who have gone on to successful careers in professions and academia.

“Talks include gap year advice, for example becoming a teaching assistant in Thailand, information on careers from engineering to nursing, as well as general advice on higher education, apprenticeships and starting a career leading to professional qualifications such as accountancy.”

Among those who have returned to the college is Dr Nathan Hall, former Park student who now teaches criminology, criminal justice, forensic and psychology at the University of Portsmouth.