Jacks adds some muscle to accountancy firm

Jack Porter
Jack Porter

OBC The Accountants’ newest recruit Jack Porter has added some muscle to the Eastbourne based firm.

OBC The Accountants’ newest recruit Jack Porter has added some muscle to the Eastbourne based firm.

Jack, 23, a competitive bodybuilder, joined OBC in June after graduating from Brighton University and is now part of the Client Services Team.

A former student of Bede’s at The Dicker, Jack is now working towards qualifying as a certified accountant.

He said: “I got an interview after writing to OBC to see if there were any jobs and when I was interviewed I had a really good feeling about the company. I’m really enjoying it and have been handed quite a bit of responsibility so far.”

There’s no such thing as free time for Jack, who trains hard several times a week as a competitive bodybuilder. With a sponsor now on board, Jack is also rigorous with his diet and has to make sure meals are taken every three hours.

He said: “I really love it because it’s a stress reliever and poles apart from the work I do at OBC.”

OBC director Michael Ogilvie said: “We’re delighted to welcome Jack to the team. It’s great to see such a self-disciplined attitude in a hobby and we are all rooting for him in his next competition.”