“I’m being bullied” Business Coach with Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001

Question: “I’m being pressurised to sign off financial expenditure that’s against company policy. What do you suggest?” Paula

Answer: “It’s hard to resist pressure, particularly if it comes from your boss where it could be viewed as bullying. Remember, an ‘against company policy’ system is designed to prevent fraud and protect employees, so stick to it. You risk your own position if you do not.

If possible, get the request to do this in writing, via email for example, making it clear that, in your judgement it is against policy. Speak to someone in a higher position that you trust so you can check out whether your interpretation of policy is correct and you have a witness to your dilemma. Consult your own internal compass. Is what you’re being asked to do against your own internal values? The stronger your reaction to that question, the easier it will be to resist. Knowing you’re on firm ground with your arguments will help you stay calm and keep your job.”

Laura is an organisational development specialist, accredited growth accelerator and executive coach. Email laura@mtc2.co.uk or tweet @WayfinderWoman Names and details have been changed.