‘Generation-changing moment’ as town’s leaders give go-ahead to Arndale extension

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“THIS was the reaction from the town’s leaders after planning approval was given for the £70 million extension to the Arndale Centre.

Stephen Lloyd MP: “In the middle of the deepest economic slump in living memory, we have a scheme that will invest £70 million in our town centre.

“This is a really strong show of support, and an incredible display of confidence in Eastbourne, its communities and its future growth prospects.

“I am absolutely certain that the investment in our town from Performance Retail Limited Partnership will kick start a feel good factor that will blossom out across Eastbourne.

“I am sure it will lead to further investment in adjoining streets, will revitalise our local independent traders and will stem the flow of shoppers into neighbouring towns.

I would like to pay particular tribute to both political parties in helping make this happen.

“We are absolutely united in our shared desire to see the delivery of the Eastbourne Arndale Centre extension, and the economic boost it will deliver.”

Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council David Tutt: “This scheme has had cross-party support throughout and I welcome this exciting regeneration of our town centre.

“This represents a significant commitment and investment from a private company. The Council looks forward to working with Performance Retail Limited Partnership as the scheme progresses.”

Leader of Eastbourne Conservative Group David Elkin: “I am delighted at this decision. Both parties have worked hard to see the scheme reach this stage.

“Eastbourne’s biggest attraction is the Arndale Centre and this is an amazing opportunity to kick start a whole host of different opportunities. This was the right decision to make our fabulous town sparkle again.”

Vice-chairman of the Eastbourne Hospitality Association Darren Weir: “This is a generation changing decision that was desperately needed. We need to bring the shopping centre into the 21st century and make it fit for purpose.

“This scheme will bring investment, jobs and the footfall that the town desperately needs. It is welcomed by the Hospitality Association.”

Chairman of the Independent Retailers’ Association Tim Tradewell

“We truly support this decision. There is a lack of quality shops in the town at the moment and this has stifled growth because a lack of quality means a lack of shoppers and that affects business.

“This scheme means Eastbourne town centre will be competitive again with other shopping centres.”