Five key ways to improve customer acquisition

Graham Buchanan SUS-150604-112246001
Graham Buchanan SUS-150604-112246001

In today’s increasingly overcrowded online market place, the key to building a loyal customer base is to consistently follow an effective digital marketing plan.

Something most companies still fail to do.

Graham Buchanan of WSI, managing director of WSI Internet Consulting, provides five key components for a digital marketing plan to take your customer acquisition to the next level.

1. Start in the Right Direction

Researching your market is the starting point for an effective marketing plan.

An understanding of key search statistics, as well as conducting a competitor analysis, will help you set off in the right direction. .

2. Creatively Craft and Curate Content

Once you know which search terms to target, you can confidently address and curate the type of topics and content format that will attract your target audience. You will also know where to post your content to maximise customer engagement.

3. Frequently Analyse Activity

This is where you can remove the need for guess work.

Setting up your calls to action and goal conversion tracking correctly in your analytics or marketing automation tools, will mean you can find out in real time how well or poorly your campaigns are performing.

4. Make Data Driven Marketing Decisions

The marketing insights you gain from tracking online customer behaviour, will enable you to make better informed marketing decisions, which will translate into more effective campaigns, and lead to a greater return on investment.

5. Be Mobile Friendly First

The latest Google algorithm changes have significantly impacted mobile search.

Elements like page speed, responsive site design and local search optimisation, are more important than ever.

If your campaigns fail to be mobile friendly, you can expect to miss out on the rapidly growing mobile audience.

Consistently following these 5 key marketing steps will successfully position you to grow and maintain an actively engaged customer base.

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