Factories used to be ‘killing fields’

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I was asked the other day what I thought would happen if the UK didn’t have the Health and Safety laws that many people – and certain parts of the media – seem to think stifles businesses and prevents the ordinary hard-working man from making a living.

My answer is that I believe that workplaces such as building sites or factories would revert to the killing fields they were in the 1950s and 60s.

You may think that is a bold statement but look at the figures.

When the Health and Safety as we know it started in 1974, 651 people were killed at work.

Now compare that to 2013/14 – that number had come down to 113.

It’s a similar story with non-fatal injuries.

In 1974 the figure was a staggering 33,6701 reported injuries, how many more were not reported is unknown.

By 2011/12 this had come down to ‘only’ 77,310.

Now, those 77,310 injuries range from a broken ankle requiring a few weeks off, to a life-changing incident that has left someone in a wheelchair.

But the figure has certainly come down since 1974.

So to all those who say ‘elf and safety’ is just common sense, and is just a waste of time, think on these figures and ask yourselves how much safer your workplace is now than 40 years ago.

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