Embrace change and your business wins

Michael Ogilvie
Michael Ogilvie

When business leaders need to make successful change, first they need to change their own behaviour, says accountant and business advisor Michael Ogilvie.

Change is crucial for anyone running a business because competitors get better and better, not worse, customers demand more, not less, and technology advances, it doesn’t retreat.

Michael, a director with OBC The Accountants, said: “To grow your business, you have no choice but to embrace change. The common thinking is that change is difficult but if you manage it differently and apply a proven three part pattern then you can achieve success.”

Michael recommends the following steps to make change:

Choose a small change you want to make happen – you learn to ski on nursery slopes and not on black runs so it pays to learn and apply the three part change pattern working on small change before advancing onto bigger change

Use a strong, obvious and logical reason for change then see if you can find the people in your team where the change you want has already shown up. Script the critical moves clearly and make the destination obvious, clear and concrete

Work out how you can best motivate your team emotionally so they buy in to the change so that it appeals to more of your people

Shape the path to enable the change to happen so work out how you can tweak the working environment, build habits and rally everyone round.

Michael concluded: “The key to success is to stop thinking that a strong logical argument for change will work with everyone. It will work with some but you need to influence the emotional side of everyone to get the whole team on board. By educating your people and your customers about change, you reduce uncertainty and risks.”

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