Eastbourne MP welcomes new funds for telecare team

AN EASTBOURNE organisation could be in line for a government cash handout which will create more jobs locally.

Welbeing, also known as Wealden and Eastbourne Lifeline, has set its sights on part of a £180 million life sciences strategy announced by the Prime Minister David Cameron.

The government is rolling out telehealth technology, which will support three million people with long term health conditions over the next five years.

Welbeing is the only operator of a telecare response centre in East Sussex and already supports 35,000 people in the UK.

The service enables people to enjoy independent living in their own home and better manage their long term health.

Mark Bannister, the managing director at Welbeing, said, “It is fantastic to see such a positive outcome from the WSD project and also to receive this endorsement from the Prime Minister.

“Welbeing was created six years ago when local housing, health and social care providers recognised that telecare, telehealth and other assistive technologies would have an important part to play in helping an ageing population lead independent and healthy lifestyles.”

Telehealth is the diagnosis, assessment and management of a patient’s condition without requiring the individual to leave their front room.

The technology monitors vital signs, such as blood pressure, weight, glucose levels and pulse.

If the data received falls outside acceptable levels an alarm is triggered.

This alarm can then be either be immediately responded to by the response centre or by designated health carers.

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd said, “This is a really positive announcement by the Prime Minister.

“Wealden and Eastbourne Lifeline is a leading player in the telehealth sector.

“ I will be working very closely with Mark and his team to ensure they have every opportunity to access these funds.”