Do your eyes glaze over when you think of social media?

Graham Buchanan SUS-140429-110954001
Graham Buchanan SUS-140429-110954001

Let’s be honest – who cringes every time they hear the words “Social Media”? Who’s eyes glaze over when they hear the words “Tweet”, “Like” or “Hangout”?

The good news is that you’re not alone. I think the majority of small businesses understand that social media is a sort of necessary evil, they’ve signed up for Facebook, but frankly haven’t got the time or the energy to really use it properly.

So how can we simplify it and make it more approachable? I know. Let’s call it something else!

Marketing involves the promoting and selling of products and services. If you’re a marketer you’re essentially a salesperson, even if that’s not how you perceive your job. Most people think a “sales” role consists of these typical activities: endless cold calls, prospect meetings and a whole lot of proverbial doors slammed in your face.

But in today’s business world, the tenets of selling are evolving right along with the core focus of marketing. The ability to adapt is one of the most important components of success in both business and marketing. This willingness to change and take risks is especially important for truly great digital marketing campaigns due to the fast-paced nature of the Internet. One aspect of the digital space that is significantly shifting the business environment is social media. While some companies are still getting acquainted with the idea of social selling - using social media platforms to generate leads and close sales - the early adopters are busy reaping the benefits.

Essentially, social media platforms are like huge, can’t-miss conferences that literally never stop running. The people who attend achieve more success – it’s not a coincidence. For further information or guidance, get in touch. Tel: 724159,,