College plan helps young people get experience

SUSSEX Downs College is running a new programme to help young people get work experience.

Work Pairing is an emerging programme delivered by the college and is aimed at supporting local young people not in education, employment or training into a meaningful work experience with a local business.

Supported by the Department for Education, Work Pairing offers opportunities for young people to re-engage with their training and development outside of a classroom environment.

Programme co-ordinator Andrew Morse said, “Work Pairing matches young people who, for whatever reason, aren’t currently in training but who show real potential and commitment with employers with a genuine interest in supporting our local youth. In these challenging times such opportunities are genuinely invaluable.”

Employers contribute £10 per day as a training allowance in exchange for young people training up to 40 hours per week.

Sussex Downs College provides additional training and on-going support for the placements that can last up to six months.