Chamber bid to tackle skills gap

HOW often do you hear that young people don’t have the skills needed for today’s workplace? 

In Eastbourne, the Chamber of Commerce has identified the employability skills of young people as a real issue.

Culture Shift, the new social enterprise that has grown out of Creative Partnerships in Sussex and Surrey, is proposing to adapt their creative partnership model to support school and business partnerships.

Participating businesses are invited to identify a need or an issue for which they need a creative solution. 

Examples might include: developing a new marketing strategy, setting up a promotional event, developing your company web presence or connecting with younger markets via social networking.

Culture Shift and Eastbourne Education Business Partnership will match the business with a school and a creative professional to work together on their brief. 

Together they will find creative solutions to the business problem.

The benefits work both ways; young people and teachers get to work on a real live work-related challenge, businesses benefit directly from working with young people with fresh ideas and, of course, the input of the creative professional. 

Both schools and businesses benefit from the profile attached to their work together and the opportunity to learn more about each other. 

With Global Entrepreneurship Week taking place this week, this project creates the space for businesses and young people to grow their enterprise together.

If you are a school or business interested in being part of this exciting new venture contact or