Business Coach with Laura Murphy ‘New Year doubts....’

Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001

Q: “After a disappointing 2014 how do I stop doubting our business plans?” Steve

A: “A change of year often brings about soul searching. Some call it post-holiday blues I prefer to call it New Year opportunity.

It’s good that you’re now questioning what you’re doing; it means you’re open to evaluation and the possibility of doing things differently. That willingness to be open to alternatives automatically gives you more choice and thus increased opportunity.

Step away from the disappointments by looking at last year’s results as feedback not set-back. That way you can rationally analyse what worked well, or not, and why. Make it a company-wide analysis and involve others for deeper insights. Use that analysis as the basis for any decisions about changes in strategic direction and subsequent action plans to build the business in 2015.

Bringing the excitement and enthusiasm of new beginnings into your new year will soon galvanise you and the workplace.”

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