Business coach with Laura Murphy: I hate company charity events

Question: “I don’t support charities yet I’m expected to do a 25m ile walk on a day-off. Advice please.” Addie

Answer: “There’s plenty of good business reasons to have a company charity, not least of which is the PR, team building and improving skill sets that arises from running events.

However, it needs to be handled carefully so that those who aren’t as active, or charity minded are not alienated with a ‘them v us’ culture developing.

Who is that ‘expects’ you, or is that an assumption you’ve made? Speak to the boss about your dilemma. Explain why you don’t want to get involved in the actual walk.

If, after a reasoned discussion you’re still opposed to it, suggest alternatives so that you remain part of the team; design fliers, write the press releases, plan the route and refreshment stops for example.

You may find others that take your lead and by supporting your colleagues and the business rather than the charity, I suspect you’ll start to enjoy the event more than those who end up with blistered feet.”

Laura is an executive coach and organisational development specialist. If you have a problem you want solved email or tweet @WayfinderWoman Names and details have been changed to protect confidentiality.