Agents finally find buyer for one of Meads’ finest homes

Meads house sold by Rager and Roberts
Meads house sold by Rager and Roberts
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AFTER more than a year of failed marketing with a succession of different agents, including a high-profile London based firm, one of Meads’ finest houses has now been sold by Rager & Roberts.

“Despite the quality of this great house in Baslow Road it became extremely stale after such a long period due to over pricing and inadequate marketing by agents unfamiliar with the top end of the Eastbourne market,” said Richard Rager.

“Houses significantly diminish in appeal due to prolonged shelf life.

“Buyers are more likely to pay the full value of a house which is fresh on the market but after a few months they wonder why it is unsold and begin to focus on real, as well as imaginary, failings of the property as it becomes increasingly stale.

“Keen to secure instructions and in a market they are not completely sure of, agents frequently over value.

“Owners are naturally anxious to achieve the highest possible price but if the asking price is not reviewed after a relatively short period of time achieving a sale at a reasonable price can become extremely difficult.

“However, we were delighted to be able to give advice to the long suffering owners of and take on the challenge.

“In fact, we actually found two able buyers who also recognised the qualities of this special house.”