‘Buffer zone’ to protect cyclists from car doors opening appears in Eastbourne

Road markings have appeared along Devonshire Place. SUS-150218-151857001
Road markings have appeared along Devonshire Place. SUS-150218-151857001

Following the introduction of mysterious white lines around Cornfield Roundabout, some new road markings have appeared nearby, along Devonshire Place.

The broken white lines run parallel to the parking bays and are understood to be part of the new cycle route through the town centre.

It is hoped the new lane will protect cyclists from being hit by the sudden opening of car doors.

A spokesperson for East Sussex County Council said, “The lines along Devonshire Place have been introduced as part of the advisory cycle lane that forms part of the seafront to town centre cycle route.

“The lines create a buffer zone between cyclists and parked vehicles to ensure there is sufficient room for people to open their car doors.”

Earlier this month, a white line ‘cage’ appeared around the war memorial roundabout. The new road layout, which caused great confusion among drivers, was also contributed to the new cycle route linking the town centre and seafront as a way to encourage vehicles to stay in their lane and not overtake cyclists.

The proposal for the cycle route between the town centre and the seafront was subject to public consultation in January 2014.

Photo courtesy of @MentorMotor.