Brownies celebrate anniversary


An early celebration afternoon tea took place to mark 100 years of the Brownies.

The milestone is in 2014 but the Hailsham West District Brownies and their leaders started the celebrations early and 51 Brownies aged between seven - 10, along with 22 leaders, visited the Lansdowne Hotel in Eastbourne.

Their special guest, the mayor of Hailsham Councillor Jo Bentley, was also at the event.

The Brownies entered a competition to design a blanket badge for the centenary that was judged by Maggie Phillips, one of the district leaders.

Cllr Bentley presented the prizes for each age group with the girls receiving family passes to Knockhatch, which were donated by the adventure park. The overall winner from 1st Hellingly Brownies will have her design made into a blanket badge to sell to raise funds for the celebrations that are planned for next year, these will include a County Star Quest Day, a division ‘Take Over Day’ and a unit Brownie holiday.

Tracy Harper, district commissioner of Hailsham West would like to thank Cllr Bentley for attending and making it such a special occasion for the Brownies, all the leaders for their support in volunteering their time to enable the girls to attend the afternoon tea and also the Brownies for joining in the celebration.

The history of the guiding timeline dates back to 1907 when Robert Baden-Powell held a camp for boys to test his scouting ideas and scouting was then born. Two years later girls wanted to find out what they could be offered and in 1910 the Girl Guides Association was formed by Agnes Baden-Powell, Robert Baden-Powell’s sister.

In 1914 a junior section for girls under 11 was formed called Rosebuds which was renamed the Brownies in 1915.

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