Broadband boost as town gets up to speed

EASTBOURNE might not be renowned for its fast-paced lifestyle but the town is rocketing into the 21st century with the most improved internet service in the country.

Eastbourne’s broadband speed has improved by 255 per cent this year, leaping to 4.69 megabytes from a sluggish 1.32Mb, according to the latest research carried out by broadband comparison website Top 10.

But Eastbourne still trails the country’s average which is 6.21Mb.

Service providers in the town currently offer speeds, ranging from 1Mb to 21Mb.

Mobile phone network Three has also announced the completion of its 18-month, £300,000 project to improve coverage in the area.

This is being provided to meet the town’s soaring demand for communication on the go.

Three said smartphone usage alone, such as iPhones, has increased by 29 per cent between May and September this year.

The mobile network also said the average telephone call is lengthening, increasing by five minutes from May to September.

A delighted Eastbourne store manager Darren Baker said, “The network upgrade is excellent news for our customers.

“Mobile broadband is really taking off, both on smartphones and on dongles, and this work means that people will now have better coverage across the UK, alongside quicker data speeds.

“Our customers will be able to do even more on the move - whether it’s browsing the internet, checking their emails, updating their social media profiles, or just talking and texting.

“We have already seen footfall increase through our doors in the past few weeks, and are expecting this to continue.”