Breakings news: DGH to keep stroke care but lose two other services to Hastings

The DGH will keep its stroke care department but see general surgery and orthopaedics both centralised in Hastings, if the hospital’s management gets its way.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the DGH and the Conquest in Hastings, will finally show its hand on Thursday after months of public consultation and wrangling over the future of the three services.

And the Herald has learnt it will push for a split of one department being concentrated in Eastbourne and the other two in 1066 Country.

The Trust’s board will vote on the controversial plans on Thursday in Little Common and, if approved, the decision will be passed up the NHS line to NHS Sussex who will look at the proposals on November 23.

Save the DGH campaigners are already warning that, if given the go-ahead, the plans would see thousands of patients having to travel for treatment.

See tomorrow’s Gazette and Friday’s Herald for more reaction and the latest from Thursday’s meeting.

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