Eastbourne looks set to reveal its results in tonight’s county council election voting within the next half hour.

First indications show there appears to be little change in the political make up in the nine Eastbourne wards on the county council.
All the votes have been counted and it would seem the Liberal Democrats have retained their seats in Devonshire, Langney, Hampden Park, St Anthony’s, Old Town and Upperton.

The Conservatives have hung onto their seats in Meads, Ratton and Sovereign.

It may come as no surprise that UKIP has come in second place in seven out of the nine wards with Labour barely making a dent in the politial battle.

The overall turnout across Eastbourne in today’s election was just 33.58 per cent which means only 24,736 out of a possible 73, 672 turned out to vote.

The full list of results will be online soon.