Brave Milly’s wish granted

Ashleigh, Pudsey and Milly Jones
Ashleigh, Pudsey and Milly Jones

A brave 10-year-old who has been battling ill health saw her wish come true when a charity arranged for her to meet Britain’s Got Talent’s Ashleigh & Pudsey.

Milly Jones, from Eastbourne, suffers from a complex form of the genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). In EDS sufferers, collagen fails to form properly in the body that affects the skin, ligaments, and internal organs. Milly also has Camptodactyly in her fingers which make them curl in and on top of all this has Aspergers too.

The little girl has spent a lot of time in hospital for operations, treatment, physiotherapy and investigations. The last two years has been a really big struggle for Milly who has spent most of it on crutches, in a wheelchair or in bed. On a daily basis she has to have physiotherapy in order to strengthen her body. Despite her daily struggles Milly is an exceptionally happy little girl who adores her family and her ever growing family of pets including her hamster, rabbits, cat and dogs.

Milly’s gran Becky got in touch with charity Starlight, which organises wishes for poorly children, after the choir Milly sings for – Angelica – raised money for it.

Ashleigh shared stories about training Pudsey over lunch at Kettering Park Hotel. She also gave Milly some special tips for training her own dogs and gave her a special one-off performance of the winning pair dancing Gangnam Style, posed for photos and singed autographs.

Afterwards, Milly said, “I loved meeting Ashleigh & Pudsey and my favourite bit was getting Pudsey to do special tricks all by myself. Pudsey is so clever when I gave him the signals he rolled over and hid his face under his paw.”

Ashleigh said, “It was an absolute pleasure to meet Milly – she is a very brave young lady and is clearly as much of a dog-lover as I am. Pudsey and I had lots of fun playing in the garden together with her. I gave Milly lots of ideas about training dogs which involves lots of treats and patience. Starlight is a fantastic charity and Pudsey and I were delighted to be able to help grant Milly’s special wish.”

Milly’s mum Kate said, “This is a dream come true for Milly to meet Ashleigh & Pudsey, who she adored watching when they were competing in Britain’s Got Talent. It was wonderful to see her beaming face and to hear her chatter away with Ashleigh. I think Milly is hoping to use some of Ashleigh’s training tips for Pudsey on our own pets at home. This really was a dream come true and we can’t thank Starlight and Ashleigh & Pudsey enough.”