Boy praised for his actions after dad breaks back

Boy saves dad after mountain bike accident.'Adrian and Owen Woods SUS-140527-140536001
Boy saves dad after mountain bike accident.'Adrian and Owen Woods SUS-140527-140536001

A brave nine-year-old boy is being praised for his calm and quick-thinking after finding his dad lying unconscious in Friston Forest after a mountain bike accident.

Adrian Woods and his son Owen were enjoying a morning ride on May 18 when the young boy rounded a corner to find his dad sprawled on the ground.

Rather than panicking, Owen lifted the bike off his dad, pulled a mobile phone out of a bag and rang his mum, Lisa.

However, due to their location in the depths of the forest, Owen’s phone had no signal and so instead, he flagged down another bike rider and asked for help. The biker, named Paul, called Owen’s mum and the emergency services, who arrived on the scene and took Adrian to hospital.

It was later established that Adrian had broken the lower part of his back, near the spinal cord, in the accident. Thankfully, it was a stable break, which meant other bones were supporting it, and so, incredibly, he escaped being left paralysed.

Both Adrian and Lisa have expressed great pride in Owen for handling such a difficult situation. They also thanked Paul for his help in contacting the paramedics.

Adrian, of Stroma Gardens, Hailsham, is expected to be back to full health in 12 weeks and even hopes to get back on his bike as soon as possible.

The 40-year-old said, “To have the presence of mind to pull the bike off, pull the phone out and ring his mum. I couldn’t be prouder.

“I think he did a fantastic job. I was in a fair state to be honest. It’s a good job he did.

“I actually broke my back and was knocked unconscious for about half an hour. I might ride a little bit more slowly and a little bit more gently.”

Owen, who is a pupil at Hawkes Farm Primary School in Hailsham, said, “It shocked me seeing him on the floor.

“I haven’t been back to Friston Forest but I have been out on my bike in front of the house but it brought it all back to me.”

Lisa, 37, added, “It makes me well up talking about it.

“We are so impressed with him.

“He is nine years old and found his dad unconscious in the middle of the wood.

“A few inches to the left and Adrian would have lost feeling in his legs.

“He would have had nerve damage - it was that close.

“We are still in a bit of shock as to how close it was.

“But he is not paralysed. He doesn’t remember what happened.”