Boxer turned author pens book series

Author Gary Tulley & books. SUS-151103-131734001
Author Gary Tulley & books. SUS-151103-131734001

A 76-year-old Old Town man who set up the Golden Gloves boxing club in Seaside has published two novels after being diagnosed with cancer.

Gary Tulley, of Green Street, started boxing with his three brothers in Peckham when he was just five years old.

The married father-of-three had a very successful career in the boxing world and gained his Amateur Boxing Association Licence allowing him to undertake training for up and coming boxers.

Later he obtained his Professional Training Licence and worked with Ronnie Davies, well known in the boxing fraternity, as a promoter and manager. His promotions included the international boxing champion Chris Eubank.

Mr Tulley lived in Brighton for many years before moving to Devon for seven years, where he first began writing.

He told the Herald, “I took it up for something to do really - to keep myself busy. “I wrote a trilogy. It hasn’t been published but I have been told it would make a very good film.”

It wasn’t until recently, after moving to Eastbourne, that Mr Tulley had two crime thriller novels published by Simon and Shuster .

He moved to the town 20 years ago and set up the Golden Gloves gymnasium in Seaside for young people interested in boxing.

He said, “It was brilliant. It was mainly for people 18 and under. We had quite a few come in thinking they were Jack the lad but it was a different story when they got in the ring. It was great while it lasted but in 2003 I was diagnosed with cancer and I had to give it up. I just wasn’t able to do it anymore.”

It was after the bowel cancer diagnosis that Mr Tulley took up writing once again.

He decided to write a five-part series of crime thrillers.

He has now had two published, entitled Once Upon a Spook and the Spook who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

The keen writer added, “The third book is underway and I hope to write another two after that one.”

The books feature a private investigator who has links to the Security Service MI5. They are set in London and Brighton, where Mr Tulley spent much of his life.

Both books are now available on Amazon for £6.99 and to download on Kindle for £3.89.