Bourne Stream surveyed to prevent flooding in town


A flood-busting survey of a large water culvert which carries the Bourne Stream underground across the town has been carried out.

Engineers from the Lanes Group inspected and cleaned the entire length of the 1.8 mile culverted stream – which the town is named after – for East Sussex County Council.

The storm water culvert, made up of brick, clay and concrete pipework, 0.3m to 1.1m in diameter, runs from Motcombe Park in the west, through the town centre and out to the east, with an outfall into the Horsey open sewer.

During heavy rainfall events it is believed the culvert plays an important role in draining a large proportion of Eastbourne diverting flows away from the original alignment of the watercourse into Eastbourne Park.

John Oakes, the Lanes Group area development manager, “For a number of reasons, this was a very complex task.

“But it was important that East Sussex County Council’s flood risk management team got a very thorough understanding of the condition of this asset so they, and the county council’s partners can manage flood risk into the future.

“Our survey work is the latest stage of a process, following two years of modelling of the storm water system by the County Council and three months of detailed planning.

“As is often the case with assets like this, which are developed over decades, if not centuries in some cases, the plans are historical documents, so tracking the precise path of the culvert can be problematic.”

As a result of the survey, East Sussex County Council has a detailed plan of precisely where the culvert runs, better understanding of how it connects to the wider drainage system and HD quality video and stills images showing its condition.