Bourne Bombshells skate up the rankings

The Bourne Bombshells v Bristol Harbour Harlots B at Thornbury Leisure Centre
The Bourne Bombshells v Bristol Harbour Harlots B at Thornbury Leisure Centre

The Bourne Bombshells have rocketed 56 places in the European standings after defying a 97-rank difference to beat Bristol Harbour Harlots B at the weekend.

Eastbourne’s resident roller derby team completed the long trip to the West Country on Saturday morning and made every mile worth it with an impressive 125-181 victory over their opponents, despite a pre-match prediction reckoning the score would be 300-95 in favour of the home side.

The prediction was based on previous rankings that saw the Harlots sit at 128 and the Bombshells at 225. Following the shock result, which saw the visitors lead throughout, Bristol have slipped to 143 while Eastbourne have shot up to 169 - three places above their rivals, Brighton B, at 146.

The win is even more remarkable when you consider the Bombshells were playing with fewer skaters than normal and the Harlots B included a number of ‘crossover’ players from their A team - one of the top-rated teams in Britain.

Bench coach Niks Kent said, “On paper we were the underdogs going into this game and we were recovering from a significant loss in our last game, so we had a lot to prove.

“Bristol Harbour Harlot Bs put up a tough fight but we managed to edge a lead and hold it till the final whistle. The Harlots were fantastic hosts.”

Smash’er Fierce, who was awarded Best Blocker, added, “We played like a completely different team to the one in our defeat to Croydon in August. I think that’s just down to practice, going to different boot camps and scrimmaging with other teams.”

The Bombshells will next be in action at the Summerfield Leisure Centre, Hastings, on Saturday, November 9 in their bout titled ‘Block Hop: Shove Me Tender’ against the Basingstoke Bullets.

For details, visit their website at http://bournebomb