Bottle signed by Thatcher up at auction

Whisky SUS-140520-101034001
Whisky SUS-140520-101034001

A bottle of whisky signed by the late Margaret Thatcher is to be sold at auction to help fund wheelchair access at the Under Ground Theatre in Grove Road.

Matt Buckley, a volunteer at the theatre, acquired the 46-year-old bottle of House of Commons No.1 Scotch Whisky when we was aged nine.

The whisky, which was bottled in 1980 after having already aged 12 years, is signed by Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died last year.

Matt, who works as a caterer, has collected wines and spirits over the years as a hobby but is now in the process of selling them all off. While most have been bought, he’s decided to auction this one off to raise money for disabled access at the Under Ground Theatre. The bottle will be put on and the auction will take place on July 12.

Matt said, “Regardless of your political persuasion, the whisky’s great and you can do what you like with the bottle after you’ve drunk it.

“This is not about politics but charity. Let’s get the people with no access in the front row seats so they can enjoy the many shows and events.”

Coincidentally, Matt won the bottle of whisky at an auction himself, at a garden party hosted by Ian and Jane Gow.

He said, “As the bidding started, I was immediately hooked. It started off low but quickly rose until a lady put a bid in of £40.

“Without thinking I shouted out as loud as I could ‘£40 and 50p!’ Everybody laughed and then there was a pause. Both Mr Gow, the lady and my mother came together and said something to each other that I couldn’t hear.

“Then Mr Gow approached me with a smile and said. “The bid goes to you, young sir”. I didn’t really fathom what had happened until some years later when my mother told me that she and the lady had split the bill. In a way I feel this is charity repeating itself.

“The good deeds shown by one, can become the good deeds done by the many.”