Bootleg alcohol store be banned from selling booze

Premier food store in The Hydneye, Hampden Park
Premier food store in The Hydneye, Hampden Park

A CONVENIENCE store which sold bootleg booze could be banned from selling alcohol.

Infamous Drop Vodka was found for sale at the Premier Store in Fife Court, Hampden Park, when trading standards did a spot check in November last year.

The illegal spirit is cheaper than usual brands.

According to Trading Standards, it is not registered by any company in the UK and does not contain enough alcohol to be called vodka and Propan-2-ol.

Further, methanol has been found in some of bottles, along with other substances, which could harm people’s health.

Trading Standards has called for the review of the licence held by Bayram Sahindal.

It says that the licence should be revoked and the matter will be decided by Eastbourne Borough Council’s licensing committee on Monday night.

A spokesperson for Trading Standards said officers were acting on a tip off after a member of the public complained.

The woman had bought two bottles of Drop Vodka from the store and became concerned after watching a television documentary about bootleg and counterfeit vodka.

Officers found four bottles of Drop Vodka for sale at £8.99 each during their visit.

Samples later revealed it was of industrial origin, contained harmful chemicals and breached food and drink labelling regulations.

Mr Sahindal told officers he had bought the Drop Vodka from a door to door salesman and believed it to be genuine.

Store customers have rallied to support Mr Sahindal and sent in five letters of support to the council committee saying the owners are hardworking and helpful.