Book penned despite suffering long illness

Suzy Elliott has written a book SUS-150422-121046001
Suzy Elliott has written a book SUS-150422-121046001

A woman who has battled through epilepsy and anxiety has published her first book.

Suzanne Elliott, 31,from Pevensey Bay, started writing as a form of escapism from her illness.

The former Willingdon School pupil, who graduated from Greenwich University in 2005 with an honours in politics, told the Herald, “I have suffered with epilepsy since I was ten but it had always been controlled by medication.

“However, when I was in my last year of university I needed to make some changes to my medication which can take years to sort out.

“As a result, I started becoming anxious about having seizures.”

After a form of holistic therapy with a kinesiologist, Suzanne has come a long way but says she is still recovering now.

Her writing was another form of therapy.

She said, “I started writing because I wanted to distract myself from my illness.

“I guess I wanted to create a world where no-one was ill.”

A fan of the Upstairs Downstairs series, Suzanne’s novel is a family saga set in Victorian London.

She added, “A little like the Forsythe Saga or the original Upstairs Downstairs – not that I claim to write to that standard, but that is the tone and genre.”

Suzanne said she realised the popularity of the genre when Downton Abbey became such a big hit. She then started to contact publishers and her book, called And I Love Her, was released at the beginning of April.

It has been published by Whitestag/Ravenswood. It is currently available on Kindle, in selected shops and on Amazon. The book is also being sold in some stately homes.