Boats damaged in harbour drama

Harbour damage
Harbour damage

BOATS were left damaged and pontoons ripped from the sea bed after too much sea water flooded into Sovereign Harbour at the weekend.

Premier Marinas, which runs Sovereign Harbour, is now investigating after one of the seaward lock gates opened while the Inner Harbour lock gates were already opened.

The result was gallons of sea water flooding into the harbour causing damage to some boats and pontoons being torn away from their concrete bases.

The incident happened at midnight on Friday August 3 and concerned harbour residents awoke on Saturday morning to find the damage.

A spokesperson for Premier Marinas said this week a three foot head of water flooded into the harbour.

“At around midnight, immediately following a routine ‘top up’ of the Inner Harbour basin, one of the seaward lock gates opened whilst the Inner Harbour gates were open,” said the spokesperson.

“The lock gate opened approximately eight feet, with a three foot head of water entering the harbour. The tidal load on the vessels and pontoons resulted in a pontoon breaking into three sections. These have now either been secured or removed.

“Harbour personnel were on site and responded immediately. Power and water supplies were isolated and a count of crew on board vessels was carried out. No persons were injured. There was some superficial damage to a small number of visiting vessels.

“The lock gates are in working order and we are currently carrying out a full investigation into the incident.”