BMW seized in Seaford after abusive gestures made to volunteers tackling speeding

Police seized a BMW after the occupants were caught making abusive gestures to volunteers trying to tackle speeding.

The car, which was being driven over the speed limit and without valid insurance, was stopped in Belgrave Road after driving past a team of Community Speed Watch staff working near Cradle Hill Primary School.

The volunteers were monitoring the speed of drivers as children left the school on Friday (June 21), in support of the Think School Travel campaign.

The volunteers saw the occupants making offensive gestures at them and recorded the black vehicle breaking the speed limit.

When police stopped the vehicle, the 21-year-old driver was unable to prove that he had valid insurance for it and the vehicle was subsequently seized.

A police spokesman said, “It is confusing as to why somebody would have an issue with members of their own community trying to promote road safety and in this instance helping to make the area safer for young children.

“Secondly, why would you do this and draw attention to yourself if there was the slightest question mark over the legality of your vehicle?

“For the sake of not being sensible and minding his own business the driver has had the vehicle seized and has the prospect of paying the recovery and storage fees to get it back once the insurance has been confirmed.”