Blazing Saddles head home after 1,000-mile mission

Blazing Saddles
Blazing Saddles

A TEAM of Eastbourne firefighters have returned home after a four-day 1,000-mile trek around the British Isles for charity.

The Blazing Saddles – 11 members of the Whitley Road Fire Station’s Green Watch – have raised thousands of pounds for Clic Sargent and the Firefighter’s Charity.

They returned to the fire station on Tuesday evening after the charity trek which saw them riding on scooters in their traditional yellow uniforms.

Bob Newton from Green Watch said, “It was an epic trip around the UK and the team has lots of lovely memories of a fantastic four day journey. So many people went out of their way to help and support us.

“On behalf of the team I would just like to mention our friends from Merseyside Fire and Rescue, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue and Leicester Fire and Rescue who did so much to support us on our journey around the UK. Also the many local businesses and members of the public who supported us so far with our Blazing Saddles project.

“We had so many high spots during the ride, but I am sure, I speak for the whole team in saying our visit to Belfast Hospital Children’s Cancer Ward was a very humbling and moving experience for us all. The children loved our visit and we were all so pleased and proud to meet them.

“We will never forget our four days away raising money for our two chosen charities, the Fire Fighters Charity and Clic Sargent, which looks after children who are suffering with cancer and leukaemia.

St Thomas A Becket Catholic Junior School in Eastbourne supported the team by raising £300 which paid for an X-Box to present to Belfast City Hospital while on their road trip.

Bob said, “We visited the children’s ward where all the children there have problems with cancer. One little boy had not smiled for weeks and his mum was so pleased that our visit had brought a smile to his little face. This is the first time that I have been among so many youngsters with health problems and it was a very emotional experience and very humbling.

“All of us feel the same way and are passionate that what we are doing is so worthwhile and the money that we give to CLIC Sargent will help improve these youngsters’ lives.”

The Blazing Saddles have already raised £11,000 and anyone wishing to donate can do so by sending cheques made payable to Blazing Saddles to the fire station or through